GEO Localization 

Getting your products to global market can significantly increase your sales and we are the best in the business when it comes to Localization and GEO-targeting modules for PrestaShop, created specifically for multi-language stores.



From detecting the visitor's language and adapting the store accordingly to SEO friendly language URLs, we have everything covered for multi-language stores.

International Shipping

One of the main worries for international buyers is Shipping. Our Shipping Commander module will provide accurate rates for them and reduce cart abandonment.

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Significantly reduces non-logged international visitor's cart abandonment.
The Ultimate Solution for visitor and customer shipping Localization. Reduces cart abandonment by providing accurate shipping prices and carrier choices for both logged and non-logged visitors.
Extends PrestaShop Friendly URL language /xx/ with today’s ‘best practice’ /xx-yy/.  (en-us,es-es,fr-fr,fr-ca,es-es,es-ar,...)
Most accurate PrestaShop visitor's language and currency localization on the planet.  Install and forget about losing visitors because you served the wrong language.  Build on IETF standard.
Provides SEO signal(s) to Google and other search engines the language(s) | country(s)/region(s) content is available for. 
Provide best in class visitor assurance that your shop delivers to their country.
Do we delivery to you module allows visitors to quickly know if your products are available in their area.  Visitors can easily verify using their zip code. This might be for delivery or shipping.  Provides assurance to your visitor that they can obtain your product.
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