PrestaVault Malware | Trojan | Virus Protection

Protects and monitors your mission critical PrestaShop files. Quickly detect and remove unauthorized changes.

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PS 1.5.x 1.6.x 1.7.x, tb



Core Changes:


Database Changes:


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  • Lost sleep about your shop getting hacked or other unauthorized file changes?
  • PrestaVault is designed to alert you of file modifications so you can react fast to avoid website being flagged by search engines as malicious for example.
  • Monitor and protect your shop file integrity with our module and sleep a little better.  


  • With built in alerts, the shop management can react quickly to unauthorized shop file changes.
  • Restore unauthorized changes using PrestaVault.

Resolves these hard management issues:

  • How will I know if my shop files have been modified to avoid shop domain being tagged as malicious by Google, other major search engines and anti-virus firewalls?
  • What did that person with FTP access actually change?
  • How do I know when a module has been installed or changed by back office employees?
  • Are there internal programs with external connections modifying my files?
  • Why am I not sleeping so well?


  • Rich module configuration options.
  • File detection: Size | Permissions {File | Group | Owner} | Time | Stamp
  • File Protection: Restore unwanted changes | Commit good changes
  • Scan: Manual | Secure CRON
  • File system change alerts to one or more email addresses detailing changes.
  • No http overhead, and no sharing of shop FTP and MYSQL credentials.
  • Fast, scan.
  • No core changes.



Support12 Months Free
CompatibilityPS 1.5.x 1.6.x 1.7.x, tb
LanguagesEN, ES, FR
Core ChangesNo
Database ChangesNo
Multishop CompliantYes

This module should have every Prestashop

My server hosting shut down my eshop after hacker attack and I had to renew infected files. But just from FTP and date change it was pain. So I had to do clean up to date installation of whole Prestashop. Now I have this module and to future hacker attacks will be easier to solve. Module is very fast and sends automatic e-mail when cron job is done - very good. Also the suppor is excellent, very friendly and quick. Thank you very much El Patron!


    Perfect! Nothing to add.

    Very good module. Mark any change in you files. Just tested change or add code and it's awesome all noticed.
    Also I have abilities use support which is very instant and friendly. Good luck and keep going this way.

    All the best.


      A must have!

      Warehouse had a weakness and when discovered, many got hacked very fast. We discovered a lot malicious code changes and new hack files placed all around Prestashop up to the root of our webserver. Our home page was even replaced with a hacker page. We lost more than a half month business!

      Even with a daily malware scan, nothing was reported. The only way is to check all Prestashop files for changes at a regular basis. This module does a great job doing that and it's the only way to control the integrity of more than 40.000 files!

      Fantastic module!



        hank you for this excellent module. There is a need today to secure the store (s)!

        With this module you can do it at a very reasonable price and hopefully get a better sleep when you know that you may become the subject of an attack, or other attacks to get a report on this, and can take action. Equally so you get reports on whether anyone should make any changes to your modules or files. With the idea that there is a plethora of viruses and Trojans, so this module is a very good solution.

        Can be highly recommended!

        Here comes the Swedish translation file. Feel free to use it to your module.

        Best regards

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        Good protection

        We installed PrestaVault after getting a Malware on our Prestashop 1.5 ... A good protection to have in case it happens again.

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        PrestaVault Malware | Trojan | Virus Protection

        PrestaVault Malware | Trojan | Virus Protection

        Protects and monitors your mission critical PrestaShop files. Quickly detect and remove unauthorized changes.

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