Private Shop Authorized Clients Only

Only pre-authorized customers can view shop prices or make purchases.  Visitors can request an account for administrator’s review and approval. 

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PS 1.5.x 1.6.x 1.7.x, tb



Multishop Compliant:


Private Shop Authorized Clients Only

B2B | Distributors | Suppliers | Manufactures | Wholesalers

Benefits for merchants

Merchant can create private shop for wholesale, business to business or professional customers.
Can be used also for authorized customers only and prevent fake, spam accounts.


  • Signed-in approved customers see your full shopping cart and product prices. They can make orders normally.
  • Non-signed-in visitors will see your catalog but not prices (optional) or cart process (add to cart/actual cart/etc.). They can request an account by clicking on the module widget, which instructs them to request an account or login.
  • New account requests are sent via email alert to administrator. Clients receive email notifying them that their account request is being reviewed.
  • Once the account is approved, an email is sent to customer notifying them they can now order from your shop.
  • The module provides a front office widget directing potential customers to request an account and for approved clients to sign in. 
  • The widget uses PrestaHeroes ‘hook anywhere’ by ‘device’ logic. This allows you to place info widget anywhere on your shop by device type. It’s cool and provides the flexibility you need with content placement.

Benefits for customers 

New customers are provided easy navigation to ‘request an account’ while approved customers are promoted to sign in to top.








Support12 Months Free
CompatibilityPS 1.5.x 1.6.x 1.7.x, tb
LanguagesEN, ES, IT, FR
Multishop CompliantYes

Impresionante atención

Tengo que decir que se puede confiar plenamente en ellos dado que me han solucionado los problemas con una atención realmente exquisita. RECOMENDADO 100%


    Estimados Sres.

    Estoy muy contento con el funcionamiento de su módulo, y sobretodo, con su servicio postventa.



      Estupendo!!!! Muy buen soporte!!!


        Great Module

        Due to government regulations we had to find a solution to make our shop only accessable for registered members of our association.
        I didn't have to search long, and came to this module immediately. As quick as I found the module, as quick it was downloaded and installed.
        It works perfect and I'm happy that I found exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to the developers for this great module!


          easy and works great

          This module works like a charm, does exactly what is says, client was very happy, installed on ps 1.5.3

          Grttz Bart



            Well, I bought this product and I only have to say its, fast and works perfectly, much better than the tutorials on messing with code around.


              Very useful

              I sell artwear jewelry wholesale to museum stores, galleries, chains, etc. I wanted my site to show all the product images, as we have a large retail following, but none of the wholesale prices. I wanted my stores to be able to login to see all the wholesale stuff, and the retail visitors could click on the listings of stores in their area, but could not buy directly from us.

              I was having a real hard time getting this set up until I noticed the Member Access Only module in google. Since the demo on the site worked, I gambled on buying a third party module from someone I didn't know. It set up very easily. More importantly, it didn't slow my site down and actually worked really well.

              I had one small problem where the prices that show on the thumbnails still showed with their module enabled. After I contacted them, they suggested it was my theme, but they also offered to get it working, no charge, or a full refund. I realized it was indeed my theme and I made a few corrections to product.list.tpl and it works great. I just wanted to recommend this, as I know there are wholesalers using ps like me who would find it very useful.

              • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

              One Click Install!

              and our wholesale shop worked perfectly. We tried two other modules until we found this gem. Thanks so very much for this great module.

              • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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              Private Shop Authorized Clients Only

              Private Shop Authorized Clients Only

              Only pre-authorized customers can view shop prices or make purchases.  Visitors can request an account for administrator’s review and approval. 

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