Our tools provide performance updates as well as important security features. Having worked with PrestaShop for such a long time, we know what the most common issues are and we have prepared modules to fix them.



Both the front end and back office will benefit from our performance enhancing modules for all PrestaShop versions.

Malware Protection

Our module protects and monitors your critical PrestaShop files. It will also quickly detect and remove unauthorized changes

There are 5 products.
Protects and monitors your mission critical PrestaShop files. Quickly detect and remove unauthorized changes.
Significantly decrease PrestaShop Back Office page render time.  BoZoom Zoom 
Outputs information about the current state of PHP running on your shop.
Improve shop performance and SEO ranking by removing hand coded .js and .css files. This module has been retired.  Contact us if you require service in this area.
Defer Render-Blocking JavaScripts providing fastest ‘above-the-fold’ page display. Significantly reducing page load time. Written for PRESTASHOP 1.5 because we could.  PrestaShop 1.6 supported .js bottom.   elpatron
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