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The Ultimate Solution for visitor and customer shipping Localization. Reduces cart abandonment by providing accurate shipping prices and carrier choices for both logged and non-logged visitors.
Do we delivery to you module allows visitors to quickly know if your products are available in their area.  Visitors can easily verify using their zip code. This might be for delivery or shipping.  Provides assurance to your visitor that they can obtain your product.
Hide discounted product prices on your PrestaShop until visitor adds product to cart.  Discounted prices as defined in product-->prices-->apply a discount %’ or ‘specific price less than retail price’ will automatically be hidden and your visitor prompted to add product to cart to view discounted price.
We got this idea when making purchase at  This module provides a well designed prompt for customer to share their new purchase on any social sharing network.  Comes pre-configured with most popular but you can easily add new ones.  It rocks, el patron. Also can be purchased in official PrestaShop addon's.
Provide best in class visitor assurance that your shop delivers to their country.
PrestaHeroes applied 2020 best in class practices inspired by Walmart and to create an ‘above the fold’ visitor experience proven to reduce checkout abandonment.
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