PrestaShop Geo Localización Pro

Reduce significativamente el abandono del carrito por parte del visitante internacional no registrado.

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Price: $100.90

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3 meses gratis


PS 1.6.x 1.7.x, tb



Cambios básicos:


Cambios en la base de datos:


Cumple con Multishop:

Geo Localización Pro "Por País": Precios | Impuestos | Moneda |++

Beneficios para los Comerciantes

  • Reduce significativamente el abandono de carrito del visitante internacional no registrado al localizar en su país de forma transparente su PrestaShop según los precios específicos del país |moneda| reglas del carrito |impuestos | y más
  • Presenta de manera confidencial los precios específicos ‘por país’, mostrando propiamente el impuesto incluido/excluido y más, a los visitantes internacionales no registrados.
  • 100% compatible con todas las funciones de Geo Localización de su PrestaShop.
  • No re-direcciona, SEO seguro.


Extiende la Geo Localización de su PrestaShop con estas características importantes.

  • Permite al visitante comprar cuando su IP no se resuelve. Nota: La Geolocalización de PrestaShop prohíbe la compra de visitantes con direcciones IP no resueltas
  • Retiene IP del país del visitante, aunque sea diferente del país registrado del cliente, para preservar 'PrestaShop precio específico por país' cuando el precio del producto por país IP difiere de su país registrado.
  • Simula el país del visitante con un simulador de país incorporado.
  • Tiene soporte para IP(s) de la lista negra, agrega cualquier IP que quiera bloquear.
  • Tiene Herramienta de Resolución de IP, ingresa IP para ver la información de datos.

¡Nuevo soporte para las Bases de Datos comerciales de MaxMind!

Versión 5.2.3 Publicada (junio 1, 2017)

Mejora la resolución de IP utilizando las bases de datos comerciales de MaxMind, las cuales mejoran la tasa de resolución del 85% al 99.8%, o superior.

       MaxMind GeoIP2 Country 99.8% de precisión a nivel de país

       MaxMind GeoIP2 Precision Country  

Incluye una pestaña de conocimientos geográficos ‘Geo Insights’ que muestra el porcentaje en tiempo real de IP resultas.

Incluye una Guía del Usuario ampliada para la configuración de módulos y ‘las mejores prácticas’ sobre como localizar su tienda.  

Beneficios para los Clientes

Reduce significativamente el abandono del carrito localizando para el visitante no registrado la moneda, precios, impuestos, precio por país y más, proporcionándole al visitante la sensación de estar comprando localmente

Al localizar los impuestos en el país del visitante en lugar del país por defecto de la tienda, reduce el abandono del carrito. Por ejemplo, no muestra impuestos sobre el IVA a los visitantes estadounidenses.


Instalación de un solo clic con fácil configuración. Vea el demo en el back-office para obtener una descripción general de las características del módulo y la guía del usuario.

Apoyo3 meses gratis
CompatibilidadPS 1.6.x 1.7.x, tb
IdiomasEN, ES, FR
Cambios básicosNo
Cambios en la base de datosNo
Cumple con Multishop
Admin PS 1.6

International Sales Improvement

We hired PrestaHeroes to help us increase our international visitors experience. Now non-logged visitors view our by country taxes, currency, language but also shipping. Shipping Commander integrates with Geo Targeting Pro. Using the optional MaxMind commercial and this modules configuration stats tab we see now resolve rate of 99.67%! It's amazing what this team knows about visitor localization. Heart felt thanks to Fred and Laza for such well made solutions. Rich


    Good job

    Everthing work perfectly fine :-) Very helpful support


      Total piece of mind

      Installed in few clicks, clear instructions, hassle free, AND after installing 4 unsuccessful modules to do this same job we finally have a winner compatible with google shopping! Thx and thumbs up.


        Great module ! it worth what you pay!

        The module is great and works as prestaheroes describes, but in addition prestaheroes have a post-sale service very professional and attentive incredible. We had some trouble with a cache module and people of Geo Targeting put all his effort ... very glad

        We're running on PS 1.6.8

        Thank you for your work!


          Perfact solution

          i needed this mod for diffrent price for diffrent countries. and i love it. works fine.


            Great module and support

            This module solved my problem related to tax rules within Prestashop.
            I'm located inside the EU and need to show my prices including TAX to customers in my country by law. But I do also sell to customers that are located outside the EU and these customers (when are not logged in) see the prices also including TAX. They think my price is too expensive most customers from outside the EU do not even understand the EU tax rules.
            Prestashop has the option Geo Location but it will not allow the customer to shop when their IP address is unknown in "GeoLiteCity". This module solves this issue!
            Besides all this I now have also the option to correctly show different prices in different countries.
            The module installs quickly and is easy to use. The country simulator is very convenient for testing! Finally this module comes with great support. I did ask a few questions because I wasn't sure this module really could help me and they answered directly on a professional matter.
            Thanks for this great module PrestaHeroes.

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            Great Service for a Great Product

            This is a great product that solved my different country requirements for my shop. The service I got from Fred when I accidentally deleted my shop was superb - and easy to fix as well. Thank you!!

            • 1 de 1 personas encontraron esta crítica útil.

            Excellent product! Great Customer service.

            I have searched everywhere to find a module that can solve the issue I was facing selling in multiple countries with vast difference in economy strength. I couldn't find any until I came across Geo Targeting Pro - Price by Country. This product does exactly what it says and even more. I ran into a bit of issue and thought I was stuck, I contacted support and elPatron spent a very long time sorted the issue within 10mins via live chat. (turns out I was the cause of the issue.) - After sorting the issue, elPatron stayed on for additional 1hr to help me perfect other parts of my store. Best customer service ever! Great product!

            Recommended! Recommended! Recommended!!


              The Best

              The module is great and work very well.
              No core modification of prestashop so is safe to install.
              And the support is also great and fast.



                This module is great. Very easy to install and great product support from Fred!



                  Hi everyone,
                  When I was asked to sell different prices by different country I was stranded because PS didn´t meet my expectations neither my client´s, fortunately, I found Geo targeting pro. Not only it fulfilled my requirements but also the prompt support made me think it was worth it.
                  Hola a tod@s,
                  Me pidieron vender a diferente precio en paises diferentes. Me quedé planchado al ver que PS no entiende cuando estas accediendo desde un país u otro sólo por la dirección. Así que busqué y encontré Geo precios pro, el cual me ayudó a obtener los resultados deseados. Recomendaría a cualquiera este producto, no sólo por su calidad/precio sino por el magnífico soporte que he tenido de ellos.
                  Nos vemos, See you!

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                  Module of the year!

                  I sell in multiple countries and wanted to show my by country product catalog to non-logged in users, shipping, taxes, discounts and different prices. Now I have full control of my catalog by country. This modules is worth it's weight in gold.

                  ...and using the built in IP Simulator made checking my catalog so very very easy!

                  This should be used by any shop that has more than one country option at registration.

                  Great job eTiendas, this should be the module of the year.

                  Kind regards,

                  John A.



                    This is how specific prices by country should work natively in Prestashop. Super easy installation, it takes less than 5 minutes and you are in business. And the price is great. I had an issue initially, then I emailed Fred (developer) he replied in within 10minutes and he spent about an hour trouble shooting the problem with me and it turned out I did not follow part of the instructions. :unsure: Sorry!

                    The MAGIC! of this module is Price Consistency! when:
                    - Displaying in Country A: 10$ for product X (default price)
                    - Displaying in Country B: 15$ for product X
                    Without this module visitor from Country B sees $10 for Product X (LoggedOFF), then register to buy (LoggedON), and find out the product is $15.... this is very disappointing to visitor. The Module Fixes this by showing a consistent specific price to all visitors from that country Logged ON of OFF.

                    nSo In conclusion Grrreat Support, Super Product, It is worth its code in gold!
                    nThanks for fixing Prestashop Fred!



                      I have installed this great module in my shop and it works perfect. :)

                      It also has a drop-down menu to chose preferable behavior of the module, if users are logged-in or not logged-in, so all situations have been covered.

                      It even got an IP simulator included, so you can test it by yourself.

                      Wonderful module that worth every cent of its price.

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                        PrestaShop Geo Localización Pro

                        PrestaShop Geo Localización Pro

                        Reduce significativamente el abandono del carrito por parte del visitante internacional no registrado.

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